DISH, Porcelain with design of a peony spray in reserve against the cobalt blue ground

Cultural Property Important Cultural Property
Date1 Ming dynasty
Date2 Xuande mark and period (1426-1435)
Kiln Jingdezhen ware
Height (cm) 7.0
Mouth Diameter (cm) 38.7
Weight (g) 2640
Collection The ATAKA Collection
Credit Line The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka (gift of SUMITOMO Group, the ATAKA Collection), photograph by 〓(Please credit the name of the photographer which is indicated at the bottom left of each image)
Accession No. 00727
Description The dish delivers a brilliant impression with the white motif beautifully standing out against the deep blue background. The peony branch in the center, the pomegranate, peach and lychee fruits on the inner cavetto and the peony scrolls on the outer walls were painted in white slip and then the background was covered with a cobalt blue glaze before firing. Details of the motifs were incised. Such decorative technique has been adopted in as early as the Yuan dynasty, some of which with similar decoration being housed in the Topkapi Palace and the Ardabil shrine. The Ming site of the imperial factory in Jingdezhen City revealed shards using the same decorative technique and bear a "Xuande" mark.
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