VASE, Stoneware with sgraffito peony design carved through black glaze under transparent glaze, coated with green glaze

Cultural Property Important Cultural Property
Date1 Jin dynasty
Date2 12th century
Kiln Cizhou ware
Height (cm) 35.0
Maximum Diameter (cm) 17.4
Weight (g) 2360
Collection The ATAKA Collection
Credit Line The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka (gift of SUMITOMO Group, the ATAKA Collection), photograph by 〓(Please credit the name of the photographer which is indicated at the bottom left of each image)
Accession No. 00682
Description This vase is known as a world-class piece in terms of its extraordinarily elaborate decoration compared to other Cizhou wares. It was first coated with a white slip onto which a black glaze was applied. The peony flower on the swollen part of the body was made by carving the background away to reveal the white slip underneath. The ware was then covered with a transparent glaze and fired, followed by another coating of a green glaze and re-fired in a low temperature. The result demonstrates a striking contrast between the background colored in green and the bold expression of the peony decoration. According to the analysis of the excavated site of the Guantai kiln in Ci County, Henan Province, this type of ware is considered to have been produced during the Jin dynasty.
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