BOTTLE, Porcelain with sgraffito peony scroll design carved through underglaze iron-brown slip

Cultural Property Important Cultural Property
Date1 Jin dynasty
Date2 12th century
Kiln Ding ware
Height (cm) 17.0
Maximum Diameter (cm) 19.6
Weight (g) 1064
Collection The ATAKA Collection
Credit Line The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka (gift of SUMITOMO Group, the ATAKA Collection), photograph by 〓(Please credit the name of the photographer which is indicated at the bottom left of each image)
Accession No. 00581
Description This bottle, having a unique form with a small mouth, like a meiping vase with the bottom half being cut off, is known as taibozun or tuluping. The white porcelain body was covered with an iron slip and then the background was carved away, resulting in showing the peony scroll in iron brown emerging from the white porcelain ground. While this decoration is an application of the decorative technique of Cizhou ware to Ding white porcelain, such piece is not so commonly found in Ding ware. A ceramic pillow with a decoration done in the similar technique, bearing an inscription in black ink that can be read "purchased in the first year of Huangtong (1141)" of the Jin dynasty is housed in the National Museum of China, suggesting that this ware could also have been produced in the Jin dynasty.
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