Cultural Property Important Art Object
Date1 Goryeo dynasty
Date2 12th century
Height (cm) 11.2
Width (cm) 6.0
Weight (g) 234
Collection The ATAKA Collection
Credit Line The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka (gift of SUMITOMO Group, the ATAKA Collection), photograph by 〓(Please credit the name of the photographer which is indicated at the bottom left of each image)
Accession No. 00130
Description During the peak period of Goryeo celadon, products included beautiful small objects such as human and animal figures, stationaries in various shapes such as fruits and paraphernalia probably for cosmetics. This piece, a water dropper in the shape of a young girl, is one of the fine examples. The water can be filled in from the top of her head by removing her chignon in the shape of a lotus bud, and poured out from the spout which is the bottle she is carrying. Her eyes are dotted in iron brown paint and her clothes and bottle are elaborately incised with flowers. Lee Gyubo, a literati of the Goryeo period expressed in his poem: "the young, innocent child in a blue attire with a smooth, beautiful skin, the way he bends his knees is so reverent, his feature so clear-cut, never become weary of it, I will hold it up and present the drops of water..." (Donggukisangkukjip Vol.13). His poem suggests how the celadon water droppers were cherished by the literati at that time. A similar shard was discovered at Wonsando, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do.
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